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  • Media Information

    For members of the media, we offer the following resources and contact information.


    We are proud of our role as the leader in building the world's infrastructure and providing solutions that help our customers build a better world. Our press reel is a glimpse of our company.

    If you are a member of the media and would like a copy of this press reel, please click here.



    For any other media-related inquiries, please contact caterpillarmedia@cat.com


    U.S.-Based Corporate Media Team

    Corrie Scott, Scott_Corrie@cat.com
    Based in Deerfield, Illinois

    • Corporate Media Manager
    • Enterprise Spokesperson
    • CEO and CFO Support
    • Global Media Support
    • Financial Communications
    • Corporate Reputation
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Caterpillar Ventures
    • Cat Financial


    Bridget Young, Young_Bridget_M@cat.com
    Based in Peoria, Illinois

    • Caterpillar Foundation
    • Corporate Sustainability


    Lisa Miller, Miller_Lisa_M@cat.com
    Based in Peoria, Illinois

    • Construction Industries
    • Corporate Archives
    • Caterpillar Visitors Center


    Janice Walters, Walters_Janice@cat.com
    Based in Peoria, Illinois

    • Services, Distribution & Digital
    • Human Resources


    Kate Young, Young_Kate@cat.com
    Based in Deerfield, Illinois

    • Resource Industries
    • Labor Relations


    Sara Weitz, Weitz_Sara_R@cat.com
    Based in Deerfield, Illinois

    • Energy & Transportation


    Kristen Smith, Smith_Kristen_R@cat.com
    Based in Washington D.C.

    • Global Policy
    Global Media Team

    Erik De Leye, De_Leye_Erik@cat.com
    Based in Brussels

    • Europe / Africa / Middle East Region Media Relations


    Elina (Lyna) Davydova, Davydova_Elina_L@cat.com
    Based in Moscow

    • Eurasia Media Relations


    Penny Wu, Wu_Penny@cat.com
    Based in Beijing

    • Asia Pacific Media Relations support


    Lily Duan, Duan_Lily@cat.com
    Based in Beijing

    • China Media Relations


    Budi Irianto, Irianto_Budi@cat.com
    Based in Jakarta

    • Indonesia Media Relations


    Devyani Rana, Rana_Devyani_R@cat.com

    Based in Bangalore

    • India Media Relations


    Megumi Tsukamoto, Tsukamoto_Megumi@cat.com
    Based in Tokyo

    • Japan Media Relations


    Migel Toro Hernandez, Toro_Hernandez_Miguel_A@cat.com

    Based in Mexico City

    • Mexico Media Relations


    Renato Sanchez, Sanchez_Renato_A@cat.com
    Based in Piracicaba

    • Brazil & Latin America Media Relations
    Global Trade Press Team

    For Trade Press inquiries regarding product and industry news, please see:



    Sharon Holling, Holling_Sharon_L@cat.com
    Based in Peoria, Illinois

    • Americas North and South / Asia Pacific


    Johanna Kelly, Kelly_Johanna_L@cat.com
    Based in Peoria, Illinois

    • Americas North and South / Asia Pacific


    Francine Shore, Shore_Francine_M@cat.com
    Based in Desford, UK

    • Europe / Africa/ Middle East / Russia

    Press Kits

    For members of the media, we offer the following resources and contact information.

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